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Phuket FantaSea Show

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Phuket FantaSea Show
  • Fantasy of a Kingdom – Cultural Illusion Show !

The number one attraction in Phuket, is considered a theme park, a mix of special effects and traditional Thai culture, an entertainment venue that offers a wide range of things for all ages, but the most exciting and fascinating experience of this great park is the Palace of the elephants, a theater with a capacity of 3,000 places every night around 9:00 you have the possibility to attend a show you’ll never seen before, a show based on a history of Thai culture, with effects and lights amazing, magnificent scenery that change every few minutes, from moments of life in thai traditional moments with scenes of ancient war and into most animals in the scene, characters in costumes Thais who come from every corner, acrobats flying above you , magicians, dancers, fireworks, barrels, rain, smoke, lasers, and many other surprises to discover. A spectacle worth seeing and if you have children you should not miss this show, your children will be fascinated by it all.

  • Show Information

Fantasy of a Kingdom is a Las Vegas style Thai cultural show infused with cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art show elements. The essence of being Thai, everything from the love for freedom and fun, courage and compassion, is being represented in each scene. As the Prince of Kamala journeys through each progressive scene, he slowly discovers these aspects and learns what it means to be the perfect Thai. Fantasy of a Kingdom is the longest running permanent show in Asia.

  • Show Elements

9 exciting show elements are employed to ensure that the audience is kept on the edge of their seats!

  1. Thai culture
  2. Magic illusion
  3. Acrobatics
  4. Animal performance
  5. Pyrotechnics
  6. Stunts
  7. Aerial performance
  8. 4 dimensional effects
  9. Special effects
  • No. of Scenes & Duration

The show comprises 11 scenes and is over 75 minutes long.