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Phuket Activities

Phuket is Thailand’s biggest island and offers a great variety of activities, sports, excursions and night shows. We’ve selected some of the best activities for your entertainment during your stay in Phuket.

Excursions can be booked online or upon arrival at the Boomerang Village Resort reception.

Our reception staff will give you all the information you need about elephant trekking, scuba diving to see the coral reef, night shows,1-day trips to the tropical islands nearby and much more. It’s our pleasure to help make your stay in Phuket an unforgettable experience.

So here’s a selection of some of the Excursions – Activities – Shows and sports that you might like to try to discover the more fascinating aspects of the “Smile Island”.


  • Canoe Phang Nga & James Bond Island
  • Excursions for nature enthusiasts, Phang Nga bay is known as one of the most beautiful and natural places around Phuket, a one of a kind place, here you can visit amazing calcareous caves full of wonderful stalactites and stalagmites, mangroves peeking out of the sea, a natural show full of colours and surrounded exclusively by the silence of nature. And James Bond Island too, the most famous island of this area, where they shot a 007 movie. There are various plans and itineraries for this excursion, we list one as an example, click below here to see it.

  • Phi Phi Islands & Maya Bay
  • Excursion for anyone who loves the sun, beach, and snorkeling. Phi Phi Islands are a small archipelago about 90 minutes from Phuket. Phi Phi Leh is the most famous thanks to the movie “The Island” with Leonardo di Caprio and some scenes have been shot on Maya Bay beach, a bay surrounded by majestic cliffs and white sand with turquoise water. Phi Phi Islands are an amazing destination for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, the waters are full of tropical sea life, with actiniae, butterfly fishes, clown fishes, angelfishes, surgeon fishes, blowfishes, etc. There are various plans and itineraries for this excursion, we list one as an example, click below here to see it.

  • Raya Island
  • Excursion for anyone who loves the sun, beach, and snorkeling. Raya Island is a 30 minute motorboat ride from Phuket, you will find bright white beaches and crystal clear waters, this is one of the best places near Phuket not only for scuba diving and snorkeling, but also for sea fishing. Spend a day relaxing and getting in touch with nature.

  • Coral Island
  • Excursion for anyone who loves the sun, beach, and snorkeling. Coral Island is a 15 minutes motorboat ride from Phuket, this excursion is available all year round, high or low season. Clear water, coral reef with plenty of fish. Excellent for relaxing and listen to the symphony of the ocean, a day of sea and relaxation.

  • Similan Islands
  • Similian Islands Archipelago is 100 km away from Phuket, is composed of nine islands and is a protected Marine Park. The islands are not inhabited and full of green nature, a corner of paradise and wild beauty and a feast for the eye, surrounded by crystal clear sea and white beaches with sand as fine as powder, waters rich of flora and fauna, these granite islets are extraordinarily beautiful both above and beneath the sea, and considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world for scuba diving; a mandatory destination for scuba divers. You can visit this archipelago from November to March-April – no excursions for this destination are planned during the other months because of monsoons. You can visit this wonderful corner of untouched nature with several types of excursions, one day trip, 1-2 bungalow or tent overnights, or on-boat overnight, we list an example excursion plan without overnight stay, but if you wish to sleep on these amazing islands we can organise it for you.

  • Khaolak Safari – mini Eco adventure
  • Excursion for nature enthusiasts, there are so many National Parks in this area, about 100 km from Phuket. With this Eco-Tour you will get the chance to choose from various activities, elephant trekking, visiting waterfalls, a ride on canoes or bamboo rafts, a walk in the park immersed in a untouched nature, and much more. There are many different plans and itineraries for this excursion. Please click below to see an example plan.

  • Khai Island Children Excursion
  • Just a 15 minute motorboat ride from Phuket, this excursion is all about children, white beach and crystal clear water with plenty of colorful fish, throw some bread crumbs in the water and you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of fish, guaranteed fun and snorkeling for the kids while parents can relax on the beautiful white beach. There are many different plans and itineraries for this excursion. Please click below to see an example plan.

  • Private Motorboat
  • If you want to have a private excursion and you’re in a 10 – 20 – 35 people group, it is possible to rent a motorboat just for you, to the following destinations: Coral Island, Raya Island, Khai Islands, Phang-Nga Bay, Phi Phi Islands, Krabi, and Similan Islands. A day for snorkeling, swimming in crystal clear waters and relaxing with your friends on white sandy beaches.
  • Phuket Island Tour
  • Half-day or Full-day excursions, there are many possibilities for you to choose from to visit Phuket Island and its attractions. Looking at the imposing 35+ metre tall Big Buddha statue and the breathtaking landscape, taking pictures of the sunset from Phuket’s promontory with a panoramic view of Karon, Kata and Kata Noi bays, visiting the biggest temple in Phuket, Wat Chalong or the Chinese Temple, taking a walk in the capital Phuket Town to better understand local Thai culture, trekking on an elephant in Phuket’s jungle or having fun on the off road trails with a QUAD in the middle of nature. For the bravest, there is a snake show with cobras and pythons, and children will have a good time at the zoo or at the aquarium and much much more. 

  • Phuket Weekend Night Market
  • Every weekend you can visit the “Phuket Weekend Nightmare Market”, a big traditional Thai market, starting from 3.00 PM every Saturday and Sunday in Phuket Town, you will find clothes, shoes, bags, souvenirs, jewelry, local food and much more. The market is really popular among Phuket’s youth, and you will get the chance to do some good shopping at great prices. You can book a trip to the market directly from our reception.

Sport and Activities

  • Big Game Fishing
  • For fishing lovers, a relaxing day on a boat, destination Raya Yai and Raya Noi Islands. Besides fishing, you’ll get the chance to stop on the beautiful Raya beach and go swimming in the tropical waters, and furthermore, lunch is on board. You will surely catch plenty of tuna and, if you’re lucky, maybe a good Marlin.

  • Rafting
  • Rafting has become one of the most popular activities in Thailand due to the country’s ever present natural attractions. In Thailand there are plenty of waterfalls, rivers and streams where you can practice this activity. For tourists staying in Phuket, one of best places to go rafting is in Phang Nga area. This activity also provides many different plans and itineraries, Rafting + Elephant trekking, Rafting + QUAD, etc. We can suggest to you an itinerary example with just rafting activities.

  • Thai Cooking Course
  • Thai cooking is considered to be one of the most interesting in Asia, thanks to a wide range of ingredients and flavours, spices and sauces, you’ll get the chance to learn and taste many recipes, from the less spicy to the hottest ones. Thai cooking uses a great deal of chili pepper and seasoning. With this course of just a few hours from Monday to Saturday you will have the chance to learn how to prepare many Thai dishes, and make them for your friends when you get home. It is possible for you to attend this course in several schools in Phuket, we provide a programme for a school here in Kata, near the BVR.

  • Carving Course 
  • Course for carving fruit and vegetables. This course takes just a few hours during which you will learn how to make sculptures out of fruit and vegetables, and discover the Thai technique that is believed to be one of the best in the world, so during dinners or lunches your guests will have the chance to admire fine and elegant decorations to your dishes.

  • Cable Jungle Adventures
  • Flying through the jungle, tied by a body harness for maximum safety, from one tree to the next thanks to a steel cable, 1200 metres with 15 check-points, a thrilling experience that you absolutely have to try. Our reception staff will give you all the information about the programme, prices, and times.

  • Bungee Jumping
  • For the lovers of extreme sports, a 50 metre jump and touching water in Kathu Bay’s jungle is a challenge they surely will not want to miss during their stay in Phuket. You can book a trip for Bungee Jumping directly from our reception.
  • Diving Course
  • Whether you’re a fan of scuba diving or you just want to get started, our partner Diving Centers will take you to explore the underwater bottom of Phi Phi Islands, Racha Yai Island, Racha Noi island or Similan’s Archipelago Marine Park; day trips or trips with on-boat overnight stay. Our staff at the reception will give you all the information you need about programmes, prices, equipment and everything you need to visit one of the world’s best underwater paradises.
  • Water Cable Ski
  • Water Skiing, on a 410 m long, 110 m wide and 2 m deep lake, designed especially for this purpose. Guaranteed fun! Our staff at the reception will give you all the information.
  • Water Park
  • If you have a family with kids or you’re with your friends or partner and you like to have fun in the water, you have to spend a fun day at Phuket’s Water Park. For all information about trips, prices, times, our staff at the reception is at your disposal.

Furthermore, during your stay in Phuket you will have the chance to try many more enjoyable activities and we will gladly organise them for you, including:

  • Horse Riding (riding a horse across jungle trails or on the beach)
  • Go-Kart Speedway (challenge your friends on a speedway with Go-Karts)
  • Shooting Range (show your friends your ability and your aim at the shooting range)
  • Golf (spend a day getting in touch with nature and relaxing in one of the many beautiful golf clubs in Phuket)
  • Quad (Go crazy and have fun like a child running in the jungle with QUADs)
  • Kayak (an Eco-nature day, spent visiting enchanting and untouched places with your kayak)
  • Kids Tour (a day for the kids, fun at the Zoo in Phuket, at the Aquarium, at Butterfly Garden)
  • Orchid Farm (admire the beauty and the amazing colours of hundreds of species of Orchids, a real natural show)

Relax and Well-Being

  • BVR Massage 
  • (Boomerang Village Resort offers a massage service either in your room or at the pool)
  • SPA Service 
  • (for each SPA activity, “massages”, “treatments”, “manicure”, “pedicure”, “sauna” etc, BVR has a partnership with one of most professional and beautiful Spas in Phuket, maybe the best one. Our staff at the reception will show you a complete list of packages and wellness treatments, prices, etc. It’s just 5 minutes away with a free ride and a special discount for BVR guests.


  • Phuket Fantasea
  • Phuket’s number one attraction, it’s known as a Theme Park, a mixture of special effects and traditional Thai culture, an entertainment place that offers a wide range of attractions for all ages, but the most exciting and fascinating thing about this really big park is the Elephants’ Palace, a 3000 seat theatre where every evening at about 9.00 PM you’ll get the chance to enjoy a show like you’ve never seen before, a show based on a traditional Thai story, with astounding lights and special effects, majestic scenography changing every minute, from moments of traditional Thai life to ancient war, with lots of wild animals on stage, and characters wearing traditional costumes coming from every corner. You will see acrobats flying over your head, illusionists, dancers, fires, explosions, rain, smoke, lasers, and many more surprises waiting for you. A must-see show, and if you have kids this show is a no-brainer, your children will be in awe the whole time.

  • Siam Niramit
  • (Siam – The enchanted reign), a one hour show based upon ancient Thai history and culture, grand scenography and costumes, a mix of technology and special effects with traditional costumes and legendary mysteries from an ancient Thai era. You will feel like you are inside a fascinating tale of traditions, history and folklore. You will go back centuries for an hour. An experience you have to try during your stay in Phuket.

  • Simon Cabaret
  • A one of a kind artistic show. A cabaret show full of music, luxurious and spectacular costumes, the Asian “Moulin Rouge”, a show to see. You go in with certainties… you come out with doubts…

  • Thai Boxing
  • The number one National Sport in Thailand, you have to watch at least one Thai boxing match during your stay in Phuket, a must-try experience even for those who are not fans of this sport.

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