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Big Game Fishing Phuket

Fishing Phuket
Big Game Fishing Phuket

There are plenty of exciting activities do whilst on holiday in Phuket, but perhaps not many people realise that it also boasts some of the best sea fishing in Asia, especially for big game fish and billfish as this part of the Andaman Sea has deep warm blue water, hundreds of tiny islands and coral reefs, and near perfect conditions in which to land a monster specimen.

There are many islands fairly close to Phuket that are also excellent spots, and the nearby continental shelf drop-off provides another opportunity to catch some real whoppers. The fishing is very good all year round in Phuket, with different fish species more prevalent throughout the year at specific places.

The Raya Islands comprise Raya Yai (which means large) and Raya Noi (which means small), and being very close to Phuket are easily reached in just hours. Raya Noi Island is quite uninhabited and as a result its marine life is relatively undisturbed. For fishing lovers, a relaxing day on a boat, destination Raya Yai and Raya Noi Islands. Besides fishing, you’ll get the chance to stop on the beautiful Raya beach and go swimming in the tropical waters, and furthermore, lunch is on board. You will surely catch plenty of tuna and, if you’re lucky, maybe a good Marlin.


07:00-08:00 :
Pick up from the hotel and transfer to Chalong Pier.
08:30 :
Departure from Chalong Pier and begin trolling on the way to Raya island.
12:30-13:30 :
Lunch is served on board. Optional time for swimming, relaxing and sunbathing.
14:00-14:30 :
Bottom fishing, trolling on the way back to Chalong Pier.
16:30-17:00 :
Arrive to Chalong Pier and transfer to hotel.