Cable Jungle Adventure Phuket

Cable Jungle Adventure Phuket

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Cable Jungle Adventure Phuket

Flying through the jungle, tied by a body harness for maximum safety, from one tree to the next thanks to a steel cable, 1200 metres with 15 check-points, a thrilling experience that you absolutely have to try. Our reception staff will give you all the information about the programme, prices, and times.

The course that cable jungle provides is a thrilling experience, just getting there is an adventure. We start with registration and briefing and you will be given international standard safety equipment for the flight, equipment consists of a safety harness, helmet and a pair of break gloves (sandals are also provided if you choose to change). Once geared the instructor will go through some safety instructions and practical training, you will be practicing flying positions and using the break gloves with proper techniques. The first practice will help with your glide position and the second will help ready yourself for breaking. p ready yourself for breaking. Now the adventure starts, situated deep in the rainforest our journey brings you to ancient trees towering up to 50 meters. The first out of 21 stations already shows what cable jungle offers, a 300 meter flight amongst the giants, soaring at altitudes where the monkeys hang and birds fly. Flying from station to station, an outstanding 2000 meters of gliding through a secure, safe and natural environment. Along the way through all the stations the instructor will be close by checking, since safety is our primary objective, the instructor will also show you some of the wildlife which live amongst these ancient trees. Once the adventure has ended we conclude our journey with goodbyes and remember the day you soared amongst giants.

  • 21 Stations
  • 6 – 50 meters of hight
  • more than 2,000 meters long in total.
  • 25 years experience

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