About Us, Boomerang Village Resort PhuketBoomerang Village Resort Phuket is a one of a kind hospitality structure!

We’re in Southern Thailand in one of the most evocative islands of the “Land of Smiles”, the island of Phuket to be precise… a green jewel set in clear turquoise blue water, with white sandy beaches and palm trees. South of Phuket Island there’s a beach called Kata Beach (one of the 20 plus beaches on the island) famous for being one of the most beautiful, and it’s not a coincidence that some of the biggest 5 star hotels are here. Furthermore, Kata Beach and its small town of “Kata” are well known as ideal places for families and couples, for people who love to relax whilst at the same time want a holiday with all the comforts.

Boomerang Village Resort Phuket is situated on Kata’s hill, about 80 metres above M.S.L; from where you will be able to enjoy a breathtaking view of the landscape and the romantic tropical sunsets of Phuket.

Boomerang Village Resort Phuket is immersed in the natural beauty of a 6000 m2 - 64585 Ft2 tropical garden.

Close your eyes and imagine you are inside the green oasis of a tropical garden with all of nature’s smells and sounds; birds singing, all kinds of flowers and plants, orchids, palm trees, neat flower beds with rocks and pebbles, fountains and water shows, butterflies and many kinds of birds, statues and typical Thai items. You will find something to catch your attention or to photograph at every corner, all surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere of relaxation and well-being to make your holiday unforgettable.

Boomerang Village Resort Phuket is a one of a kind hospitality structure, different from anything else. It has been built with natural materials such as: rocks, stones, pebbles, wood, etc, and mixed with the nature of its 6000 m2 - 64585 Ft2 garden, without compromising the environmental and visual aspects, creating something unique and original, a genuine oasis.

Boomerang Village Resort Phuket is not a single structure with many floors, it has lots of different structures of 1-2 floors, separated and scattered around the resort’s garden. With all of that space available, “BVR” at the time of the original project, could have easily designed and built a classic multi-floor hotel, with 2 or 3 times more guest rooms. However, after careful directional analysis, always with the aim of supplying guests with the best service and making them feel at home, this solution was agreed, providing wide open spaces with respect for nature, greenery, relaxation and well-being.

Boomerang Village Resort Phuket is devoted to preserving the natural environment, and internally undertaking projects such as waste separation and low energy lighting. EcoFiber’s office paper is made from recycled paper, recyclable plastic bottles, and other things you will notice during your stay.

Boomerang Village Resort Phuket Concept: Reception and Assistance are two words not to be taken lightly, offering to every guest a warm welcome and a thorough service with the precise goal of making their stay an experience rich in emotion, with the unforgettable magic of countless natural shows.

  • The Resort is located into a small tropical jungle, with lovely hummingbirds, butterflies, squirrels and insects. For your own safety please keep doors and windows closed.